Insurance coverage: Case Corporation v. Aetna Insurance Company (Wisconsin federal court). Obtained federal court jury verdict awarding covered losses of $4.2 million, plus $10 million in punitive damages for bad faith denial of insurance claims

Probate litigation:  In re Estate of Prince Rogers Nelson (Minnesota state court). Seeking to establish niece and grand-niece of Prince as heirs of Prince estate.

Fraudulent securities offering: SEC v. Terry Dowdell (Virginia federal court). Federal court action halting fraudulent prime bank offering scheme

Foreign Corrupt Practices Act: SEC v. Douglas Murphy, David Kay, Lawrence Theriot (Southern District of Texas). Former American Rice CEO Murphy and former marketing executive Kay were responsible for a scheme to bribe Haitian customers officials to reduce tariffs on rice imported to Haiti. These are among the top 10 criminal sentences imposed in any FCPA case.

Market manipulation: SEC v. Leonard Greer and Judah Wernick (Southern District of New York). Prosecution of market manipulation scheme of small cap over-the-counter stock

Spoofing: SEC v. Stanley Awdisho, et al. (Northern District of Illinois federal court) Investigation of use of spoofing, also called small lot baiting, to manipulate prices for stock options

Failure to supervise: Securities & Exchange Commission v. Canady. Administrative appeal upholding finding of failure to supervise

Regulatory hearing and appeal: Illinois Department of Professional Regulation v. Gandhi (Circuit Court of DuPage County). Obtained reversal of agency ruling against client as abuse of administrative discretion

Sanctions defense: Lyon Metal Products v. Board of Education of City of Chicago (Circuit Court of Cook County). Successfully fended off court-invited motion for sanctions against client in case alleging improper award of bid for locker contract (article in Chicago Sun-Times July 12, 1996)

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