What do Stan Lee and the Federal Reserve of the United States of America have in common?


They publish comic books.

I was surprised to learn recently that the New York Federal Reserve publishes a series of educational comic books on monetary policy, what the federal reserve system is, and related topics. You won’t find Spiderman or Captain Marvel in these comic books but I think Iron Man (and Stan Lee) would approve.

I highly recommend starting your monetary policy comic book journey with Once Upon a Dime.

This comic book describes a planet that goes from using a barter system to using money and eventually credit. It is like the movie, It’s a Wonderful Life, with an alien-artist-banker playing the role of Jimmy Stewart. How could you not want a copy of this comic book?

Here is where you can get your completely free copy of Once Upon a Dime and other comic books today: NYFed.org/comicbooks.

Many thanks to the NY Federal Reserve.

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