Stolen bitcoin

Tracing stolen bitcoin

May 6, 2019 One of the biggest problems with bitcoin and other digital coins is that once they are stolen, they are almost impossible to recover. A professor at the University of Cambridge has come up with a potential way for folks to recover stolen bitcoin.

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Insurance coverage battles surviving to fight another day

May 2, 2019

The cooperation requirement under insurance policies can be abused by an insurance carrier. Keep in mind that your insurer is interested in finding out how to deny coverage of your claim. An insurer looks for reasons to deny coverage by demanding that you cooperate by providing it with information. You should prepare for cooperation demands seeking information that might be misused when you seek insurance coverage under a director & officer policy or a general liability policy or any insurance policy. D&O Diary has a very interesting blog about a policyholder’s duty to cooperate with an insurer that has reserved its rights to deny coverage.

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