What is the thinking behind those super expensive Super Bowl commercials? I love the creativity that goes into these commercials, but let’s not forget that no company would use them if they were not effective persuasion. So how are the companies trying to persuade us?

I like to read books on the science of persuasion and behavioral economics, but not everyone is a nerd like me. One of my favorite authors, Robert Cialdini, has this awesome video that explains the factors that persuade us to do the things that advertisers want us to do. This is a really interesting and easy way to learn about how commercials and other persuasive techniques get us to do something we otherwise would not do.

The factors advertisers and salespeople use are: reciprocity, scarcity, authority, consistency, liking, and consensus. They may sound boring but you are subjected to them all the time. And they make you do things that you otherwise would not do. It is important to know what these techniques are in order to avoid be influenced by fraudsters and unscrupulous salespeople.

Let’s see how Super Bowl advertisers use these persuasion techniques. Affable and humorous celebrities — people we like — are persuasive. Advertisers are using the “liking” technique when they pay big bucks to these folks to do their advertisements. I freely admit that I loved to watch Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman in this year’s commercials for Doritos Blaze and MTN Dew Ice. And that makes me more likely to buy those products. To save time — and because I love these commercials — you can see those commercials below.

These persuasive techniques work on all of us. But they work less well when you can identify them.





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